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Our GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZEN offer a new form of senior-friendly communal living. Essential care services and their billing (care benefits) are managed by outpatient care services. Additionally, care provided by family members within the residence can be facilitated and billed through long-term care insurance (care allowance) when necessary.

Our concept is designed for individuals with or without physical impairments, including those with a medium to high level of care.

We enable residents to lead self-determined lives in their own barrier-free apartments within a senior-friendly, yet simultaneously attractive and communal living environment.

Our goal is to support residents in maintaining as much independence as possible in their private households, with the option of professional support services encompassing holistic care and assistance.

We offer a range of supportive services alongside basic care services (nursing, counseling, information services, and emergency call connection) through esteemed local service providers, as well as additional meaningful service offerings and a selection of communal activities.

The residence’s attractively designed community space also offers residents the opportunity to meet and connect.

Our modern and sustainable construction methods, coupled with high-quality building design, facilitate contemporary living in an attractive environment. Accessibility features and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms ensure full flexibility for individuals with mobility limitations.

Unlike traditional nursing homes, our properties are legally classified as residential buildings. They are not bound by the regulations of nursing homes and are not designed as operator properties. The resulting cost savings are reinvested in in ESG-compliant construction and passed on to our tenants as cost savings.






With the concept of GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZEN, we are implementing an idea of modern service-oriented living for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Individual lease agreements are concluded, and basic service offerings are provided through a framework agreement. In the event of needing care, support is ensured by an outpatient service, even at a high level of care.

In addition to individual living spaces, GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZEN also provide communal areas that can be used by residents for a wide range of activities. Alongside these communal spaces, the residences include service areas necessary for management, which can also be utilized by outpatient care services or other amenities such as physiotherapy or a hairdresser.

Technical assistance systems such as robots relieve stress on caregiving personnel and provide them with more space for personal attention. Furthermore, certain services can be provided independently of the presence of caregivers. Robots already undertake a wide range of tasks in caregiving within senior service-oriented living. Tasks such as beverage provision, home visits for check-ins, as well as entertainment and exercise programs for seniors, are among the broad spectrum of possibilities.

We call this form of living GAR ServiceWohnen.

Who are GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZEN designed for?

GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZEN are designed for individuals seeking a self-determined living arrangement for their next phase of life. The new generation of seniors, due to their life experiences, are accustomed to an independent lifestyle they understandably do not want to relinquish. Activity, autonomy, and freedom to organise their lives  in combination with security of care correspond to their vision of retirement living.


The GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZEN offer community living while ensuring protected privacy. Individual lifestyles and guaranteed security of care are possible with us. General services and any necessary care are tailored to the needs of the resident. There is a central contact person for all services.

How are care services billed with the outpatient care service in a GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZ?

From care level 2 onwards, care insurance beneficiaries have a legal entitlement to reimbursement from their care insurance. This reimbursement is provided when the corresponding care level is determined by the medical service and services are requested. Care in GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZEN can be provided and billed by a family member (care allowance) or an outpatient care service (care benefits). When entering a contract with an outpatient care service, which also utilizes premises within the GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZ, the care service is directly billed to the care insurance. Therefore, the resident only bears the costs for any external additional services if applicable.



The layout of the GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZEN is tailored to the needs of our residents. This includes private living spaces, communal areas and areas used by external and internal services.

The private living spaces consist mainly of one- and two-room apartments between 28 m² and 65 m² with bathrooms featuring barrier-free and senior-friendly design. These apartments offer significantly more space than conventional senior care homes, catering to the individual needs and interior preferences of the resident. Outpatient care can easily be provided in each apartment. Wheelchair-accessible facilities are also planned for certain rooms. All apartments have a balcony or terrace. There are also spacious tenant cellars in the basement.

1-room apartment
2-room apartment
Basic and elective services

The services provided at GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZEN are divided into basic services and additional services. Basic services are billed at a fixed rate, while additional services are individually priced depending upon utilization. Basic services are provided by internal staff at GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZEN. These are complemented by additional services, which are provided by external service providers and regulated through corresponding framework agreements. A selection of these additional services is detailed below.

Among the basic services offered directly by GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZEN is a house emergency call system, ensuring immediate assistance is available around the clock when needed.

Additionally, a housekeeping service is included in the basic services. This service entails organizing repairs in the apartments, providing handyman assistance, and offering support with technical devices such as televisions, internet, or kitchen appliances promptly.

A concierge service is available at specified times within the premises. This service encompasses organizing leisure activities and providing general advice for residents, also included in the service package.

Elective services include the following, for example:

Housekeeping services

Residents receive assistance with daily tasks they may find challenging. This includes routine activities such as shopping, meal planning, meal preparation or delivery (“meals on wheels”), apartment cleaning, laundry, ironing, bed-making, and waste disposal. Ideally, these services are provided in the form of activating support, meaning the tasks are done together with the residents as much as possible. This increases self-confidence and encourages an active lifestyle.

General support and care

Assistance with everyday activities, such as stimulating conversation and fostering interests, help with pet and plant care, going for walks, and providing companionship. This can potentially be done in groups on a case-by-case basis.

Organising and offering joint activities

Excursions to the surrounding area or the city, cultural events or entertainment afternoons in the communal areas of the residence, Christmas parties, birthday celebrations, and similar events.

Out-of-home support

Accompaniment to out-of-home appointments (doctor, hairdresser, events, private visits).

Assistance with administrative matters

Assistance with application submissions and other official and administrative procedures.


The communal spaces serve both as leisure areas for residents and as facilities for nursing and social support services. Mobile service providers can utilize spaces within the residence as needed. For instance, a mobile hairdresser, physiotherapy services, or social and medical consultations can be offered here.

Service providers bound by framework agreements have their own service rooms on the ground floor or basement and are available at specified times.

The general lounge area is designed to be comfortable and can be used by residents at any time of the day. Cozy seating areas and a small library invite residents to linger and connect with each other. A kitchenette is also provided here, allowing residents to cook or bake together.

Additionally, there is a flexibly usable space that can be configured variably. It offers opportunities for private celebrations, fitness and yoga classes, cultural events, as well as medical and social counselling.


In case of need, residents will receive care according to their care level through a local mobile care service. GOLDEN AGE RESIDENZEN will enter into a framework agreement with the care service for the use of treatment rooms within the facility. However, residents are of course legally free to contract another care service if they prefer. Care can be provided up to care level 5 within the residences.

Having senior living and care services at one location offers significant advantages for outpatient care services. Caregivers can work more efficiently, eliminating travel time and setup periods. This results in increased cost-effectiveness for the operators of care services, consequently enhancing the quality of care. This approach allows for better responsiveness to the needs and expectations of our clients.

Assistance with basic care

This does not involve medical care in the strict sense. Support with basic care also helps our clients beyond overcoming this need for assistance to lead a life with dignity and as much self-determination as possible. This includes help with personal hygiene, changing clothes, toileting and incontinence care.

Medical care

This encompasses wound care, monitoring medication administration, assistance with food intake, and preventive measures, among others.

Temporary or respite care

If residents are supported and cared for by relatives, the service provider can temporarily take over this support when relatives are ill or on vacation.

This care is provided as “relationship-based care.” This means that ideally, the same individuals or at least a limited group of individuals consistently provide care to each resident to build a trusting relationship.


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